Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In these difficult times we at the Grand Canal Hotel are always looking for new ways to try and encourage people to come and stay with us. We think we are pretty good at it actually but a hotel in Tokyo has pushed the boundaries to new levels and has created its very own special model railway room for guests to sleep in.

The new room includes a grand model of Akihabara town that comes complete with its own fully functioning railroads. Train enthusiasts can bring their own model trains or, alternatively, the hotel is more than happy to provide some, reports Rex Features.

Using the dual set of controls, guests can navigate their miniature trains round the cityscape - past highrise buildings and even through a tunnel under a mountain. The unique room costs around 23,000 yen (£170) a night and is the only one in the Akihabara Washington Hotel.

Note to all train enthusiasts out there...we won't be following their example. That said don't be too disappointed. The Grand Canal Hotel offers views of the busiest train line in Ireland from some of its bedrooms...well when we say view we mean you can sort of make out overhead wires from the Grand Canal Train Station located just across the road from the hotel.

Thanks to www.annanova.com for the above.

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