Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dublin received a timely PR boost today as newspapers across the world picked up on the fact that Dublin is now the 4th cheapest city in Europe in terms of hotel room prices.

This marks a dramatic turn around from the point when our fair capital was seen as one of the most overly expensive cities to visit in the world.

Canada's CBC News points out that there are "substantial savings in hotel rooms in places like Dublin, Istanbul and the Mayan Riviera," while the Sydney Morning Herald said that "notable destinations that have become cheaper for Australian travellers include Abu Dhabi (down 38%); Athens (down 22%); Beijing (down 20%); Chicago (down 20%); Dublin (down 16%) and Los Angeles (down 16%)."

Price reductions in Dublin hotels is not a new thing, indeed the prices have been falling for over two years now, and, certainly in the Grand Canal Hotel, value has become the order of the day.

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The world's most expensive cities for hotel rooms (ranked by price)

1. New York $268 a night

2. Venice $251 a night

3. London $223 a night

4. Washington $222 a night

5. Paris $222 a night

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