Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Have to admit that i'm not the biggest fan of Musicals. The emergence of Glee has only cemented this opinion so when I was offered two tickets to Hairspray...only the threat of being single again forced my hand.
So what did I think? Well the Grand Canal Theatre is very impressive. I know the guys in the hotel have been raving about it for months but some of them were also raving about do the maths. But OMG...what a venue...what an area.
Dublin has undergone a sea change since (don't mention the Celtic Tiger)...well a while ago. But the Grand Canal Square area really is a beautiful addition to the city. Stunning buildings, some of which look like complex logo land structures, surrounded by restaurants. It was a good start as i made my way into the show.
The theatre itself is a fine building, all shapes and corners. One of the things I hate about theatre is the standard of seats that you get...obstructed views...big heads in front of you. There is nothing of that in the Grand Canal Theatre. Spacious, air-conditioned and stunningly red.
To my surprise the rest of the audience looked normal...not that there is a typical musical loving person look but it was a good start nonetheless. Oh and I was on an aisle seat which helped.
So the show. Before I start I have to confirm that I've never seen the movie...any of the movies...for reasons I've already mentioned, so I had no idea what to expect other than the distant memory of Michelle Pfeiffer and John Travolta in the trailer of the 2007 movie adaption.
A cross-dressing Michael Ball (slightly disturbing image) apart, this was a bit of craic. Performances were for the most part excellent, even if vocals are occasionally strained...I'm no Simon Cowell, but in particular the villains who are a little grating on the ear.
Now don't get me wrong I haven't morphed into a Musical junkie, but my eyes have been opened a little. Mamma Mia is coming to the Grand Canal Theatre on the 4th of October next year and I've already got my ticket...I've always been a bit partial to Sweedish pop...Oh! and I'm going to Scrooge.

I'll report back.

Ollie McGrath (OMG).

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