Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You’ll step right back in time into the Viking World as soon as you cross the door at Dublin’s Dublinia exhibition. From the Viking ship that greets you just inside the doorway and the costumed actors roaming each room of the exhibition, you’ll feel like you’ve time travelled back into the 900’s.

Gertrude who works on the till at the entrance enlightened the whole experience and each staff member knows their stuff, from the horrid details on the Black Death to the intricacies of how really old ‘lavatories’ (if you could call them that) worked.
Daily life of Vikings in Dublin and the history of how they arrived & stayed in Ireland are also explained in great detail.

The exhibition features some of the National Museum of Ireland's collection of artefacts from the Wood Quay excavations as well as a new interactive archaeology room which explores the work of archaeologists.

The Dublinia building, the former Synod Hall of the Church of Ireland, links a bridge straight into the Christ Church Cathedral, a stunning & striking part of Dublin history.
All in all, Dublinia is a very cultural and educational exhibition, with a bit of fun thrown in…..everyone roar Dubhlinn!!! Grrrrr…..

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