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So CNN have compiled a list of 10 things NOT to do in Dublin when visiting Dublin. It has caused quite a little bit of controversy on the emerald isle. For those looking for a Dubliner's opinion on CNN's verdict read on!!!
1. Don't get lit in Temple Bar
Ollie says - There a many reasons not to visit Temple Bar. The fact that a pint of Guinness still costs €150 and may even increase further if the pub you are in has a late licence or that you'd be hard pressed to find an Irish person among the throngs of tourists sort of back up the argument...but it is still worth the visit. Beautiful coble stone streets, nick nack shops, the best buffalo wings (the Elephant and the Castle), buskers and the atmosphere make it a must see when visiting Dublin. Just don't over stay you're welcome or you'll find you may need to hit the IMF for a loan.
2. - Do not expect to drink all night
Ollie says - While we can't condone drinking to excess there are always places in Dublin where you can drink all night. Late bars, Leeson Street and hotel resident bars all offer plenty of opportunities for late drinks. My advise - don't. Too much Guinness will mean that the following day the hotel toilet is where you'll be spending most of your time...not a pleasant experience.
3. Don't... try to get inside Oscar Wilde's birthplace
Ollie says - Never tried it myself but I'd always advise against trying to break into someone's property.
4. Never call an Irishman (or Irishwoman) British
Ollie says - goes without saying!!! Same could be said for calling a Canadian an American, a New Zealander an Australian or a Corkman a Dub...particularly after 10 €150 pints of Guinness in Temple Bar:)
5. Don't dismiss the food
Ollie says - couldn't agree more. Did you ever try the meat balls in Gasworks Bar?
6. Don't... stick to British Colonial and Irish Civil War historical sights
Ollie says - very good point. Although it could be handy for understanding why to avoid number 4!!!
7. Don't.... attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Ollie says - Once again CNN are on the ball. Have attended the parade many times and each time I ask "why am I here again". You can barely see a thing, it moves at -8 kilometres per hour and it nearly always rains. I'd suggest hitting the normally busy tourist sites while the rest of the tourists get cold, wet and board. Sky Plus the parade.
8. Don't order a Murphy's
Ollie says - The guys from CNN suggest this on the basis that Murphy's is from Cork, but there are many pluses for the tourist trying Murphy's. Firstly its cheaper, but more importantly if you're not used to drinking stout then you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Murphys and Guinness anyway. While I'm a big Guinness fan...a nice pint of Irish stout is...a nice pint of Irish stout.
9. Don't... expect an "authentic" trad music session
Ollie says - they have a point again. While there are some genuine trad nights in Dublin, indeed it is becoming more common as people have more time on their hands, most of the trad nights advertised for tourists in Dublin are very staged. That said they are still a great experience and certainly not worth avoiding. If you're intending on catching one drop us a line and we'll tell you where to go.
10. Don't... take a photo next to Molly Malone
Ollie says - Ah poor Molly. She never gets a moment of peace. Try getting the picture on the way back from Temple Bar...there shouldn't be too many people around at that stage. But CNN have it right there are plenty of sculptures to get you're picture taken with in Dublin.

So there you have it. CNN's 10 things not to do in Dublin. The one thing it says about Dublin is that if they are the best/worst things to do in Dublin you can't really go wrong.

Check out the CNN article here. If you want to book a room in Dublin to avail of some of Ollie's 10 best things to do in Dublin then click here.


Ollie McGrath.

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