Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was a bit sceptical when the notion of renting bikes in Dublin was mooted a number of years ago.
As a Dubliner who's had his fair share of bicycles stolen you have to forgive my cynical view that the thieving gits who so skilfully removed my prised possessions would be able to refrain from doing the same to Dublin City Councils hundreds of bikes...easy pickings me thought.
But I stand corrected. It has turned out to a master stroke by the City Council. The numbers below attest to the fact that not only have the visitors and natives embraced Dublinbikes but the would be robbers either can't figure out how to rob them or just feel that they are way too uncool for them to rob.
Either way, we are all benefiting from them. My only gripe at this stage is that we don't have a bike station outside the hotel. With Google and BT, to name just two, having big offices across the road, surely The Grand Canal Hotel would be the perfect location for a bike depot.
I'm half tempted to start a Facebook campaign.

Anyway...the DublinBikes in numebrs:
2,527,435 – The total number of journeys that have been taken on DublinBikes.
550 – The number of bikes that are currently in use.
44 – The amount of bike stations that are located across the city.
6,280 – The number of journeys taken on July 13 this year, the busiest day ever for the scheme.
25,000 – The number of short-term subscriptions taken by cyclists.
67 – The percentage of long-term users that are men.
95 – The percentage of Dubliners who said the scheme is the “best thing” to happen in the city in a recent survey.
13 – The time, in minutes, of the average journey on a DublinBike.
97 – The percentage of journeys which are free because they last less than 30 minutes.
9.8 - The average number of times a bike is rented in one day.

Click here to see where the DublinBike stations are located

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