Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Friendly Dublin Attractions

When staying in Dublin there are so many visitor attractions that you can go see. We have put together our top 6 family friendly spots  that we think are ones for the list when visiting the capital city.

1. Dublinia
Right in the heart of Medieval Dublin, next to Christ Church Cathedral, there are 3 exhibitions to be experienced in Dublinia. Both “Viking Dublin” & “Medieval Dublin” will bring you back in time to how life was in Dublin in those historic days – walk down a Viking street and visit a Viking house  as well as seeing what life on board a Viking ship would have been like. “Historic Hunters” is the third exhibition which brings you into the world of Archaeology. See excavation sites and a lab which will give you an insight into Dublin City and allow you to see it in a whole new light.

(Inside Dublinia)

2. Viking Splash Tour
A favourite amongst many visitors, both young and old, the Viking Splash Tour allows you to see the city from land and water in the reconditioned World War II military vehicles known as “Ducks”. The tour will bring you around the city to the many attractions it has to offer while also teaching you about the history of the city; from the Vikings who settled here over a 1,000 years ago right through to the Dublin becoming a cosmopolitan European city.

(View Dublin by land and water with the Viking Splash Tour)

3. National Wax Museum
The Wax Museum – a firm favourite for the list of attractions to visit on any city break. Everyone enjoys a good Wax Museum! At the National Wax Museum not only can you view the wax version of many well-known faces and get your picture taken with them but you can also visit the fully functioning recording studio and green screen video room, take a journey through Ireland cultural heritage and check out the tribute to Ireland’s top scientific inventors.

(The National Wax Museum Entrance)

4. GAA Museum
Interested in the history of the country’s National games? Well then go behind the scene of Gaelic Football and Hurling with this interactive touch-screen technology and test your own skills in the interactive zone. Test your passing skills and how quick you can react along with the many other skills required for these two fantastic national games. You can also do the Croke Park Stadium Tour while you are there.  Take the opportunity to walk through the players tunnel and visit their lounge as well as the corporate boxes with the best seats in the house and then top it all off with a birds eye views of this 82,300 capacity iconic stadium.

(GAA Museum Croke Park)

5. Science Gallery
Located at Trinity College, this public gallery has various exhibitions, lectures and workshops. There are no permanent collections but instead a series of 4-6 temporary exhibitions each year so there is always something new to see for those who wish to visit on a number of occasions.

(The Science Gallery at Trinity College)

6. Dublin Zoo
Dublin Zoo, located in Pheonix Park (one of the largest city parks in Europe), is one of Dublin's biggest attractions. It is home to over 400 animals and has been open since 1830. There is so much to see at Dublin Zoo. There are lions, tigers, hippos, seals, elephants, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, red pandas and penguins to name just a few of the many fascinating animals that can be seen at Dublin Zoo.  

(Gorillas at Dublin Zoo)

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