Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A German man has given up a thriving sales career - to become a travel agent to teddy bears.

Ulrike Bohmler says his Teddy-In travel firm has been besieged by hundreds of enquiries from customers.

They pay Mr Bohmler, from Cologne, to take their soft toys on holiday to Britain and other countries.

He takes snapshots of the teddies outside famous landmarks to record their holiday adventures.

"It might sound crazy but people love their soft toys and want to give them the best," explained Mr Bohmler.

"I accompany the toys on their tour and although people might laugh at it, a lot of people genuinely love their teddy bears and want the best for them."

I've sent him a messege to tell him about the great rates at the Grand Canal Hotel in Dubln...we won't even charge for the teddy.

Thanks to for the story.

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