Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ireland has played host to many big Hollywood movies over the years including Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart and ahem...Far and Away. After a quiet number of years where the Celtic Tiger's roar seemed to scare the producers away. So here's the Grand Canal Hotel's lowdown on what is going on with filming in Ireland.

Well now that we are all skint they are coming back in there droves. Sean Penn startled onlookers in Dublin this week after he was spotted wearing a fuzzy wig and lipstick.

But his shocking get-up was all in the name of work, with the actor shooting a new film in the Irish capital.

In This Must Be The Place the Oscar-winner plays a wealthy, retired rocker who sets out to track down the German officer who executed his father.

The 50-year-old wore his familiar serious expression as he sported earrings and full make-up while filming scenes. A friend tells me that they are currently filming in Quinn towers in Blanchardstown.

Another, Knockout, an international thriller, starring Michael Douglas, Antonio Bandaras and Ewan McGregor, is one of the most high-profile Hollywood films to come to Ireland in recent years, mostly because it is directed by Steven Soderbergh who won a best director Oscar for Traffic in 2000.

Soderbergh’s previous films include the Oceans Eleven series, Erin Brockovich and Sex Lies and Videotape.

The multi million euro production of Tudors, starring our own Jonathan Ryes Myers, was filmed on location in Ireland while it's big budget replacement, Camelot, is set to start filming soon.

Saving Private Ryan was filmed in Wexford(1998), Spy Who Came In from the Cold (1965) Ryan's Daughter (1970)Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum, John Mills, Trevor Howard, Leo McKern Quiet Man, The (1952) Princess Bride, The (1987) Moby Dick (1956) Lion in Winter, The (1968) Crying Game, The (1992) Far and Away (1992) and of course Braveheart was filmed in Ireland.

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